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French Company SEPEC CONSULTS SAS Has Launched Its First Hydroponic Container Farming Facility

Friday 17th September

Vannes (Morbihan) France

SEPEC CONSULTS SAS has received its first hydroponic container to start its project ERGOPONIC. This project aims to provide farmers with sustainable solutions to produce crops without the fear of being affected by climate hazards or impacting the environment with pesticides or chemical products. This first container will be their showroom and training centre dedicated to their future clients looking to buy these container farms.

The company aims at promoting a solution in agreement with the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations after the COP20. The project started with the alarming observation of farm failures, their reduction, the financial and technical difficulties faced by farmers, the increase in climate hazards, and the ever more restrictive regulations in European states. Moreover, the low prices and the diminishing financial assistance are further worsening their social situation in the old continent.

Jean-Luc Achard, the company’s CEO says, “we observe that consumers seek more and more healthy and organic, in short circuit and produced in a clean and reasoned agriculture thus, well adapted to hydroponic agriculture." According to the company, container farms remain an effective solution and enable farmers to circumvent current difficulties, "We believe that this type of agricultural production meets the expectations of all stakeholders” adds Mr Achard.

“Apart from the economic considerations, this project is based on the social aspect by guaranteeing producers and farmers a decent salary and allowing them to live with stable purchasing and investment power. By securing production in terms of quality, quantity, and profitability, it is obvious that these points guarantee and perpetuate their farm.”

“The company would like to thank its partners for their support and advice, without whom the project would have been impossible to do. Namely: Crédit Maritime Muzillac - Mr Marcel Louveau & Mr Alan Roux, AXA Assurances - Mr. Daniel Guihard, iGrow Pre-Owned - Herbert H Kliegerman, Freight Farm - Mr David Turina, Laren2000 - Mr Juan Antequera, Michel Joubert - share holder SEPEC Consults, Gautier Semences - Mr Joel Caer, Jegousse Valorisation - Mme Gaëlle Emeraud”

With plans to expand within the next years internationally, especially in the Middle East, the company plans to offer new, proven solutions to farmers.



SEPEC Consults is the perfect amalgam of experienced and dynamic collaborators. Since 2004, we have supported different types of companies in their transformation, development, and adaptation to the international markets (the Middle East and Asia).

"The success of your business is our aspiration".

SEPEC CONSULTS also proactively starts projects for the best interest of all stakeholders.

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