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CALCUB SAS and Sepec Consults Join Forces To Produce Made In France Hydroponic Farms

Tuesday, March 8, 2022 - SEPEC CONSULTS SAS, a French engineering and project management company, and CALCUB, a French company specializing in the rehabilitation and fitting out of maritime containers, announced today the signing of a partnership for the manufacture and distribution of maritime container farms in the European market.

Controlled environment agriculture is a growing market, with accelerating disruptions from climate change, the need to increase production to meet the demands of a growing population, and the requirements to produce sustainably forcing the entire agricultural sector to rethink its supply chain. The CEA provides answers to the current problems by enabling the production of hyper-local, healthy, and fresh products, thus meeting the demand of stakeholders.

For farmers, food processors, retailers, or even NGOs, these sea container farms are a way to ensure a constant and controllable production flow. Integrating these solutions will make supply chains more sustainable, from farm to fork, and help meet requirements set by governments.

"For more than 18 months, our company has been developing hydroponic containers for market gardening in a controlled environment. This project is the result of our awareness that our agriculture is undergoing profound changes and adaptations to the vagaries of climate, regulations, and consumer behavior.

Today SEPEC Consults has decided to manufacture and distribute the 3rd generation of containers, more efficient, easier to use, ergonomic, and "made in France" to meet European and French demands. To achieve this new challenge, we are happy to share our values and knowledge with the company CALCUB, a specialist in the development of recycled maritime containers, and to set up a "win to win" partnership.

We are convinced that this association will be beneficial for both of us and we will do our utmost to put this new container on the market by the end of June. We look forward to continuing the adventure at ....." said Jean-Luc Achard, Chairman of SEPEC CONSULTS SAS

"The environmental issues at stake for our two companies through the recycling of containers and the development of hydroponic agriculture, make us strongly believe in this alliance which will respond to a new form of resilience in agriculture," said Richard CHOTIN-HOSPITAL, President of CALCUB SAS.

This partnership will help meet the growing demand for modular systems in Europe and developing countries.

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