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Qu'est ce que c'est?

SMARTBOX is a company specializing in the transformation of shipping containers into living or working spaces. They offer a range of products that range from homes and offices, to hotels and restaurants, to cafes, entertainment venues and stores.

Shipping container fittings have become increasingly popular due to their durability, ease of transport and relatively low cost. By transforming these containers into functional spaces, SMARTBOX allows customers to create personalized and economical living or working solutions.

The advantage of working with SMARTBOX is that they have considerable experience in transforming containers into functional living or working spaces. They can work with clients to design and build bespoke spaces that meet their specific needs. Additionally, they also offer delivery and installation services to ensure containers are fitted out safely and in accordance with applicable building standards.

Shipping containers can be outfitted with everything needed to make them comfortable living spaces, such as windows, doors, insulation, plumbing and electrical fixtures, and interior decor items. For companies, containers can be transformed into attractive sales or service spaces, with bespoke interior fittings and personalized exterior facades.


You have a shipping container development project, contact us to define your needs and turn your dreams into reality.

Son rôle et les differents types d'approvisionnement

SEPEC Consults and ASTEC FLOW are two companies with more than 50 years of expertise in the oil and gas field. Today, we are developing our range of instrumentation in Europe.

SEPEC Consults and ASTEC FLOW offer a complete line of process analysis and quality control instruments for the oil and gas industries. Their products include:

Tubes and fittings for instruments

(and most tailpiece traps, condensate pans, flush rings, air manifolds, thermowells, other

Instrument Valves and Manifolds Dual Shut-Off and Purge Valves

DBB(Venturies) Orifice Assemblies, Flow Nozzles, Integral Assemblies and Sampling Systems

pressure sensors, temperature indicators, flow transmitters, level gauges, gas analyzers, density meters, viscometers and many more.

Oil and gas instrumentation includes a range of equipment used to measure, control and monitor the processes involved in the exploration, production, transportation and distribution of hydrocarbons. This can include instruments for measuring pressure, temperature, flow, level, density, viscosity and other critical parameters.


SEPEC Consults and ASTEC FLOW are committed to providing high quality products.quality and superior services to their customers. They work with renowned manufacturers in the energy, agro-industry, water treatment industry to ensure that their products comply and are certified to the highest quality and performance standards. In addition, their teams of experts are available to help customers select the appropriate instruments to meet their specific needs, provide technical assistance and ensure correct product installation.

By expanding their range of instrumentation in Europe, SEPEC Consults and ASTEC FLOW aim to provide innovative and reliable solutions for the oil and gas industries in Europe.

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