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Hydroponic containers

The origins of the projects

  • The origins of the project started from the alarming observation of farm failures, their reduction, the difficulties faced by farmers in financial and technical terms, the increase in climatic hazards, and ever more restrictive regulations in European states. Also, the price stability not respected by the large distribution and the CAP aid which is decreasing at the European level.

  • The observation is also made on the consumption and the consumers who seek more and more quality products, known as "organic", in short circuit, of a "clean" and "reasoned" agriculture and therefore adapted to hydroponic agriculture. . Convinced that the container remains an effective solution and makes it possible to circumvent current difficulties, we believe that this type of agricultural production meets the expectations of the market and of the producers.

  • Indeed, the second observation that we have made is that consumers are becoming more and more "consumACTORS". We are more and more sensitive to the way products have been grown. Today's consumer hui is sensitive to the environment (use of water and energy resources, soil and air pollution, etc.), to the notion of local (promoting the local economy and reducing the carbon footprint of products of consumption), and of course to one's own health (products rich in nutrients and without pesticides).In conclusion, short, clean and reasoned agriculture.

  • Faced with these observations, we propose a solution that meets both the needs of farmers, looking for a stable and sustainable income supplement, and those of consumers, who want quality local products.

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Our solutions

The advantages of our containers


From 2040

Number of leafy plants harvested per week.


Throughout the year

Mushrooms per weekly harvest

What we offer

Apart from the economic considerations, this project is based on the social aspect by guaranteeing producers and farmers a decent salary and allowing them to live with stable purchasing and investment power.
By securing production in terms of quality, quantity and stability of production prices and therefore profitability, it is obvious that these points guarantee a serene future for producers.

By allowing producers and farmers to sell in short circuit and / or directly to consumers, it allows total transparency with the consumer.


All these points motivate us to make this solution accessible as quickly as possible and to perpetuate an activity on both sides, supplier / producer and consumer.

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Your partner

SEPEC Consults is the archetype of a start up providing real solutions. It strives to bring food security, safety and sustainability to communities in need around the world. We believe that decentralizing food sources will help empower consumers and producers and create a more equitable food supply.

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