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The role of marketing

Marketing, more than just a department, is a philosophy that touches all of a company's operations. Adopting a marketing perspective means putting the consumer and their needs at the center of the business of the company.

Concretely, marketing entails the adaptation of the product and the communications to the customer. Thus, it is important to formulate a strategy that takes marketing into account.


Digital Marketing

The explosion in internet usage has brought with it a small revolution in marketing. Digitalization offers incredible opportunities in terms of data availability and personalization of content on an almost individual scale.

Unfortunately, too many companies do not fully (if at all) take advantage of all the tools available to them. Without knowledge of the tools and digital terminology, the process can be complicated.

However, digital marketing is now proving to be a necessity to keep costs under control. In times of crisis, where margins are crumbling and the need to address an increasingly digital consumer base continues to grow, having a digital strategy is crucial.


Our services

SEPEC Consults can help you review your marketing strategy or guide you in setting up a campaign. For example, we can:

  • Review the alignment between products and consumer needs

  • Advice on distribution & marketing channels

  • Advice on promotional / communication strategy

  • Creation and management of a digital or physical advertising campaign

    • Search (Google)

    • Social

    • E-mail

  • Website optimization to improve search results ranking (SEO)

  • Advice on the implementation of tracking and data collection methods (Google Analytics)

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