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Business transfer

Business transfer is a critical part of the life of a business. Indeed, it is extremely complex. From the announcement of the sale to the accounting / legal documents to be prepared, including the sometimes intense negotiations to be able to obtain an attractive price, this entire procedure generally takes several months.

A business transfer occurs when the owner sells the company to a buyer. The transfer of a business can take several forms, and even include a deferred payment:

  • Assignment of Title: In this case, the title to the business property is transferred to the new owners, resulting in many potential risks

  • Transfer of funds: It is often used when the business owns quality real estate. The transferor only sells the activity and keeps the premises, the financial capacity of the buyer is improved.

  • Business transfer with seller credit: The buyer pays part of the business in cash and will be granted seller credit on a portion of the amount. This device will allow it to benefit from working capital.

Immeubles de grande hauteur

According to BPI France, the main challenges of transferring a business are:

  • On the personal side

    • Gain sufficient value to ensure a certain quality of life with the acquisition of sufficient assets for retirement or other projects

  • In terms of the company

    • Ensure the sustainability of the business by passing it on to a trusted buyer who will at least keep your business and see it develop

Unfortunately, many business transfer projects drag on for lack of attractiveness of the sector, the region but also and above all for lack of seriousness.


Our services

SEPEC CONSULTS SAS, with its experience, is able to support you in the sale of your business to allow you to avoid recurring problems. We can:

  • Support you in negotiations on the purchase / sale price.

  • Advise you in which law firms / accountants to choose.

  • Advise you on the type of assignment you want and which would suit you the most according to your situation.

  • Offer you alternatives if you think selling your business is the only solution

Contact us today to take advantage of our expertise.

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