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Rotary equipment analysis and studies

What is it?

The objective is to provide an overview of the operating conditions of equipment (turbomachines, compressors, gas turbine) in their environment and to assess their operating limits, performance, critical condition, failures, maintenance program.

Each pilot and compressor will be examined, taking into account the main diagram and performance recording tool available.

The different types of studies

  • Technical analysis of equipment
  • Supervision of supplier performance charts

  • Start-up / service performance analysis

  • Study of the general environmental conditions of turbochargers

  • Study of mechanical behavior

  • Performance Behavior Study

  • Study of operation and controls

  • Study of the alarm and control system

  • Review of supplier documents


The different stages of this service

Phase 1:

  • On-site visit of the facilities and environment

  • Collection of documents (data, maintenance log, recording diagram, etc.)

  • Site data collection

  • Assumptions and analysis of equipment

  • Methodology of the study

  • Findings and Analysis

Phase 2:

  • Review of data obtained

    • Analysis of actual pressure and temperature of bearings and seals

    • Analysis of real vibrations and axial displacements

    • Comparison of all these parameters with the design conditions and trend analysis

    • Verification of the performance of each machine (compressor and turbine) based on actual operating conditions

    • Control of the maximum operating range of the turbine and compressor

    • Verification of the adequacy of performance between turbine and gas compressor

    • Potential change in process conditions

  • Supervision of customer / supplier meetings

  • Supervision of on-site activities, repair, modification, update


Phase 3:

  • On-site support during the start-up or service phases

    • Examination of the operation of the speed control system of each turbine

    • Examination of the operation of the anti-overpressure control system of each gas compressor

    • Verification of the adequacy of the control between the process, the steam turbine and the gas compressor

  • Analysis of results and equipment performance

  • Check the adequacy of alarms and triggers of each turbo machine

  • Based on the above conclusions and analysis, THE CONTRACTOR will provide the COMPANY with the study report with conclusions and recommendations regarding the integrity of the turbomachines for the next years of operation.

  • Final analysis report

  • Conclusions

  • Recommendations


  • Reception of equipment, materials, services defined by the project

  • Claim management

  • Submission of the final equipment file

Our services

  • General expertise
  • Technical analysis of the equipment

  • Equipment audit, drafting of a maintenance program

  • Malfunction report/expertise of an installation

  • Manufacturing follow-up, installation, modification or update

  • Commissioning/service monitoring

Our experience and sectors

Our experience:

  • Upstream, onshore and offshore oil and gas projects (Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe)

  • Petrochemical project (Europe & Middle East)

  • Fertilizer Project, Ammonia in France, Poland and Algeria
  • Pipeline, Gas injection, Acid gas

Our business sectors

  • Research & Development

  • Tests

  • Pre-conceptual

  • Conceptual

  • FEED

  • EPC

  • PMC

  • Construction

  • Getting started

  • Start-up

  • Maintenance

  • Troubleshooting

  • Expertise

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