What Happened This Week?

After receiving our first container farm, here is a recap of what has been a thrilling week!


Last Monday we had a meeting with Aponix Company and Mr Marco Tidona, the charismatic founder and creator of the company.

Aponix developed two hydroponic systems: The living Wall System, and the vertical barrel 3D-NFT.

These products are easy to understand, set up and operate! Indeed, it takes roughly 15 minutes to assemble all components and get 1 sqm of wall or complete a tower with 5 rows.

SEPEC CONSULTS SAS sincerely believes that both systems are complementary to our hydroponic container. We are looking forward to having a successful partnership to develop this equipment in France but also in the Middle East.

Further information is available on his website at: https://www.aponix.eu


Last Wednesday, we visited the Jegousse valorisation company, located in Monterblanc, managed by Ms Gaëlle Emeraud.

Specialising in the effective treatment of green waste and the local production of organic compost, always looking for new markets and research on waste treatment, Jegousse invested 2.5 million euros in a biogas unit. However, the presence of plastic bags, metal pieces and other rarely recycled products is a major concern especially as sorting is not yet sufficiently respected and controlled by the consumers and local municipalities.

We are looking to develop a partnership with the company and see how we can work together to provide the compost for plugs in our hydroponic production. We would like to thank Jegousse Valorisation for this visit which, we hope, would lead to a successful and sustainable collaboration.

Further information is available on their website:


Jardin Indoor

Wednesday, we visited Jardin Indoor in Vannes, a company specialised in selling equipment and components for indoor farming and hydroponic system. We were pleased by their advice and guidance and highly recommend visiting them to meet Mr Bourgeois and his team.

Further information is available on their website:



For the past 40 years, they have pioneered, manufactured and defended organic products throughout the country. Located in Strasbourg, Europ-labo partners with Aprolis and Phytoform to manufacturer their eco-friendly products and are the exclusive representative/ distributors of brands such as Géo, Be-life, Nivita, Naturgreen or Manuka Health.

The objective for us was to find a qualified Ecocert supplier, for our micro-greens production. Europ-Labo will give you advice and guide your choices according to your use and production. Glad to have this partnership, we will be able to perform production tests for our container hydroponics.

Further information is available on their website:



Jean-Luc Achard


e-mail: jlasepec@yahoo.com

Tel: +33 6 42 08 90 06

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