Sepec Consults Partners With ALTERPLAST To Produce Elements For Its Hydroponic Container Farm

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 - SEPEC CONSULTS SAS, a French company based in Muzillac, engineering and project management, and the start-up ALTERPLAST, a French company specializing in plastic machining and boiler making, today announced the signing of a partnership for the manufacture and distribution of plastic sets for hydroponic container farms for the European market.

For more than 8 months, the company has been developing hydroponic containers for market gardening in a controlled environment, CEA. This project is the result of our awareness that our agriculture is undergoing profound changes and adaptations to climatic hazards, regulations, and consumer behaviour.

Today, SEPEC Consults has decided to manufacture and distribute the 3rd generation of containers, which are more efficient, easier to use, ergonomic and "made in Europe" to meet European and French demands.

To succeed in this new challenge, we are happy to share our values ​​and our knowledge with the company ALTERPLAST and to set up this "win to win" partnership.

Specialist in machining, forming and plastic boiler making for the maritime, industrial, food-processing and various fittings sectors, capable of creating, designing and producing all simple or complex parts, individually or in small series. ALTERPLAST is a start-up that relies on the experience of its manager and its dynamic and innovative teams.

“We are convinced that this association will be beneficial for our two companies, and we are delighted to continue the adventure with ALTERPLAST and to be able to market this new container by the end of June,” says Jean-Luc Achard, President of SEPEC SAS CONSULTs

“We are very pleased to formalize our cooperation with SEPEC CONSULT SAS. We strongly believe in this project and are delighted to contribute to the birth of this third generation of the container. ” says Brice Guyot, President of ALTERPLAST BZH

This partnership will make it possible to meet the growing demand for modular systems in Europe and countries with shortages of fresh produce.

To discover more about Alterplast BZH, click here.

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